Cold Beverages

We’re not playing games with your thirst. We have hundreds of hot and cold beverages to suit your mood, from piping hot to freezing cold, we’ve got what you need to get that thirst handled, including our Delish purified water. Start your day at our gourmet coffee bar, then end your day at the Wall O’ Beers for a couple cold ones.

Loop Wine

It's Wine Time

Is it wine o’clock yet? Any time is the right time to shop our impressive collection of white and reds, and be sure to try our very own private label selects from Napa Valley. So whether you like to ‘rosé all day’ or keep it fancy with the bubbly, Loop has you covered.

Meet Me at the Wall O' Beers

Are you down for a couple cold ones after work? Good, because you’ve earned it, and it’s a known fact that we have the coldest beer in town. But don’t limit yourself to the amateur selections you’d find at the supermarket. It’s time to expand your knowledge of frosty hopped goodness, and the Loop Wall O’ Beers is a great place to start.

Loop Beer
Loop Soda


In the mood for something cold and fizzy? Our soda fountains are the finest in the land, delivering all the effervescent classics to your lips, and probably a few you’ve never even heard of too.

Blast Chiller

Sometimes you just want something that tastes so good it hurts! Our Blast Chiller machine has the frosty flavors to make any day special, one slurp at a time. But pace yourself or your brain might need a little timeout.
Loop Blast Chiller

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