Fresh Food

We believe convenience markets and fresh food can cohabitate. That eating a meal you actually look forward to can be something that happens while you’re gassing up your car - A hot pastrami sandwich with provolone cheese, so delectable you’ll think you’ve stepped into an Italian market. Bravo!

Fresh Food Promotions

Tyson Spicy Chicken Tenders $3.99

$3.99 for a protein-packed afternoon snack! JK we know you're only eating these at 3 a.m.

Johnsonville Brat

NEW – Johnsonville Brat $1.49

Get a taste of Germany without the pricy airfare.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog in a potato bun & Fountain Soda (up to 32oz) $3.49

Wash down that bacon-wrapped deliciousness with your favorite fizzy treat.

Fernando’s Chile Verde Grap Wrap 2 for $2.22

Take one on the run when hanger strikes.

Fresh Food Highlights

Red/Green Apple

You're the apple of my eye, literally.


An orange a day keeps the scurvy at bay.


We shortened "delicatessen" to "deli" to make it quicker and more convenient for you. You're welcome.

Soup & Salad

Remember on Seinfeld when that guy wouldn't give George any soup? We'd never do that to you. Soup for you! Also, salad for you!

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