We know that we are not your typical convenience store. We understand that we are different, and because of that, we are determined to make a difference. Here, at Loop Neighborhood, we are a community. As a community, it is important to us that we not only give back to our customers, but to our society. We put each customer first, making them feel unique, safe, and comfortable, and we support a community of strong, healthy, active lifestyles. As a community, we recognize that it is our duty to strongly support this mission and constantly reflect these values, not just inside our stores, but in the streets of our surrounding communities. We strive to make that difference in any way we can. If you would like Loop Neighborhood to get involved in your cause, or just simply want to reach out about any philanthropic ideas or opportunities, please contact us at info@loopneighborhood.com.

Supporting The SF- Marin Food Bank and Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano to Help Fight Hunger This Holiday Season

No one should go hungry, especially during the holiday season. According to the SF-Marin Food Bank, 23 percent of San Francisco residents struggle with hunger. That is why as we head into November and the holidays are quickly approaching, Loop Neighborhood, the all-in-one marketplace and convenience store, is doing its part and giving back to the community.  For the entire month of November, Loop Neighborhood stores in the Bay Area will be donating 1% of all in-store purchases to local food banks to help those in the community have a holiday meal. Loop’s donations will be divided between the SF-Marin Food Bank and Contra Costa Solano Food Bank. By purchasing something in a Loop Neighborhood market, you are contributing to the fight against hunger. Not only are you fighting hunger, but you are also contributing to a memorable holiday for a person or family in need. Hungry for change? Join Loop, the SF-Marin Food Bank and the Contra Costa Solano Food Bank fight hunger this November.  

Supporting The Bay Area Deputy Sheriffs’ Charitable Foundation to Assist Children in Making Holiday Dreams Come True

Now that it is officially fall, Loop Neighborhood is gearing up for the holiday season. Every fall and winter we are constantly reminded about the importance of giving thanks and giving back. Our holiday traditions remind us that this season is a time focused on giving and not receiving. While Loop Neighborhood upholds these values every day of the year, it is during the holiday season where we especially strive to do everything we can to make the community’s holidays truly magical. That is why this holiday season, Loop Neighborhood is working with The Bay Area Deputy Sheriffs’ Charitable Foundation (BADSCF) to assist children in making their holiday dreams come true. The Sheriffs’ and You annual Christmas and holiday shopping event unites a deputy sheriff and a disadvantaged child for a shopping spree. Approximately $250 are spent on each child, providing them with necessary clothing and toys for the holidays. Loop Neighborhood is helping sponsor this event to fulfill as many children’s holiday wishes as possible. The holidays are a time to be spent with friends and family, and here, at Loop Neighborhood, we treat everyone as a member of our family – making them truly feel safe, comfortable, and unique.

Supporting California Fire Foundation to recognize the Firefighter Appreciation Month

It has been a devastating year for northern California. Day after day, firefighters have been on the front line risking their lives battling some of the deadliest, catastrophic fires in California history. In honor of these brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting others, Loop Neighborhood has teamed up with the California Fire Foundation to recognize the annual Firefighter Appreciation Month (FFMA).Firefighter Appreciation Month is a time when businesses, celebrities and individuals acknowledge the work of our local firefighters by raising money for some of the Foundation’s key educational, financial, and emotional support initiatives. Loop Neighborhood seeks to recognize their dedication, love, and support by giving back 1% of all sales in all stores to the foundation, throughout the month of September (excludes fuel, car wash and lottery). As a member of the Northern California community, it is our goal to emulate the comfort, love, and support these firefighters have given and continue to give every day. During devastating times, anything helps. Something as simple as a “thank you,” cannot just brighten the lives of the firefighters, but brighten the lives of an entire community. That is why, this month, we challenge you, as a member of this strong, resilient community, to not just donate, but to say something as simple as “thank you,” to these firefighters when you see them. We will start. From all of us at Loop Neighborhood we say thank you to all of you who have devoted your lives to protect our community.

Supporting the LGBTQ Community During Pride Month

Loop Neighborhood celebrated Pride 2018 with a month-long promotion in which the retailer donated 1% of all in-store purchases to Bay Area LGBTQ causes, totaling up to a total donation of $50,000. Being an active member in the communities they serve, Loop Neighborhood seeks to give back in any way that it can and being situated in Northern California, Loop Neighborhood strives to embrace the diveristy and uniqueness of the culture. Through this promotion, Loop Neighborhood was able to show their support and draw awareness to the Bay Area LGBTQ cause. Proceeds not only support LGBTQ organizations, but other organizations working with issues related to cancer, HIV/AIDS, animal welfare, and homelessness. By showing their Pride for the month of June, Loop Neighborhood was not only able to commemorate the LGBTQ heritage, but it was able to celebrate a vast community, with a rich and diverse culture.

Supporting Loop Employees After Norcal Fires

After seeing the devastating effects of the Northern California fires of Napa and Petaluma, we knew we had to do something. Loop Neighborhood takes pride in not only providing our customers with the most exceptional items, service, and experience, but we want everyone to be able to share in these experiences. Upon seeing the extremity of the tragedy at hand, we knew we needed to take action. Loop Neighborhood donated $15,000 to kick off our GoFundMe efforts to serve employees who had been devasted by these fires. We knew we could not do this alone and asked the surrounding community to come together to raise an additional $15,000 to help those affected get back on their feet. We knew not everyone could provide financially, so we asked the community to donate any other resources – food, water, toilet paper, blankets, baby food – anything that could aid these tragically affected families. We are a community. As a community, it is our responsibility to come together to support those in need. We had to undergo the unbearable, and we are very proud of what we were able to accomplish, not just as a local convenience store, but as a resilient and supportive community.

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