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Loop Loyalty Promotions

Mars King 2/$3.33

So when are we all moving to Mars?

Skittles/ Starburst/Juicy Fruit 2/$2.22 or 3/$3

Ever seen a sweeter deal?

Sour Patch/Swedish Fish bags 2/$3

Sweet or sour? Both!

Sabra Guacamole & Tostitos

Warning: this duo is known to cause a lapse in self-control.

Loop Loyalty Highlights

Trolli Dip’n Crawlers (NEW)

Sugar + more sugar = complete happiness (well, before the crash that is).

Sweet Street Manifesto Blondie $2.89

Can you say YUM?

Half Pops (NEW)

Best of both worlds: popcorn with a crunch.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Berry, berry delightful.

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