Sure you’ve been to convenience stores before.
But you’ve never been to this kind.

Because we're a new type of convenience market. Even as you approach from the outside, you’ll notice things are different. Take our café for example – yes, we want you to stay for a while. And the water for dogs will make your canine pals do the same.

Then when you step inside the store, you'll see things are different there too. We understand that just because you like convenience doesn't mean you want to skimp on the types of foods and drinks you’re getting in a hurry. Things like fresh baked cookies, and in house made sandwiches. How about a frozen yogurt stand? Yeah, we have that - cold and creamy - with all the yummy toppings. We've even got wi-fi in our café so you can sit back, read emails, and stay a while. So come take a look. This is Loop. The new, fun and friendly way to conveniently grab anything and everything with all your old favorites and a new focus on healthy fresh ones, too.

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Dear Loop Loyalty Members,

We’re writing to give you some important information, as well as our personal assurance, with regard to the safety of shopping with us at all times, and especially during the current COVID-19 outbreak.
At Loop Neighborhood, we have always practiced exceptionally high standards for cleanliness and food safety. Within all our locations, we follow rigorous daily sanitation and personal hygiene procedures with our team members including frequent hand washing, sanitizing contact surfaces regularly, and a consistent “stay at home if sick” policy. Additionally, we adhere to strict practices of food safety and hygiene. We are continuing to monitor and follow all additional CDC and local Health Department recommendations for prevention. At this time, we will be suspending our salad bar service to prevent any potential spread. We are also working on installing Purell stations throughout the gas pumps and inside our locations.
The health and safety of our guests has always been our number one priority. You have our personal assurance that you, your friends and family can visit Loop Neighborhood with confidence at any of our locations. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer services department at

We truly thank you for your patronage and wish you and your family good health.

Loop Neighborhood Stores